A PLUS size fashion retailer for women has opened for business in Festival Place.

Acting store manager Liz Heath was delighted with the response from shoppers at Taking Shape following its first day of trading.

She said: “It’s been really successful – we’ve had a great response from the ladies of Basingstoke, who are very excited to find us here. We’ve even had ladies dancing around the shop floor, who haven’t worn dresses for many a year. There has been a shortage of plus size clothing for ladies in this area for quite a long time.”

Liz went on to explain: “Ladies are concerned about certain parts of their body – which Taking Shape addresses in a lot of their clothing.

“We recognise that people have different issues and we, with our stylists, know how to disguise them.

“So if somebody tells me they daren’t wear a dress, I’ll ask them why and find out what their issues are, and show them how to disguise them.

“I’ve been able to find clothes for customers that have made them feel amazing.”

Taking Shape is an Australian brand and the Festival Place store is the 17th to have opened in the UK after its debut in this country last year.

Taking Shape marketing director Julia Bolsam said the retailer had a lot of comments on social media about women in Basingstoke wanting the chain to open shop here.

“A lot of women had been asking ‘are you going to be coming to Festival Place?’ She was full of praise for the shopping centre, adding “The marketing department and everyone at Festival Place have been absolutely fantastic.”