A GREAT day of bonding took place during a golf day organised by Wingate Electrical raising just over £4,500 for Naomi House & Jacksplace.

The electrical contractors headquartered in Rutherford Road, had invited companies that are part of its supply chain for the event where 18 teams of four enjoyed the day at Basingstoke Golf Course.

Development director Terry Taber, said: “This is about Wingate wanting to support the local community.

“Although effectively we may be a UK company with ten depots around the country, this is our home as we started here in Basingstoke in 1973.

“And so this is putting something back into the community from where we started.”

Delighted with the support from Wingate’s supply chain, Terry said: “The great thing is that we are all aware of what this is all about as well as having a great day out on the golf course.”

“At the same time they are getting to meet the directors of the company and that’s good for business bonding.”