DEVELOPERS who will build 100 new homes at Zouch Manor in Tidworth have agreed to help fund a number of projects in the town as part of the deal that won them planning permission.

The green spaces and play areas within the proposed development will transfer to the town council with maintenance money, the zebra crossing outside the post office will become a light-controlled crossing, and £80,000 will be given to the town council towards a new community centre.

A further £58,000 is to be given to the town council to help provide the new sports pitches on land at Bulford Road.

Wiltshire Council member for Tidworth, Mark Connolly, pictured, said: “Councillors have obtained as much out of the local developments as we can to get a good deal for the community.

“We have shown we are no pushovers who will just say yes to any development.

If they want to build here, they will have to provide facilities we need and the right infrastructure.”