A VOLUNTEER-run football club working with more than 200 children has been burgled twice in two months.

On the first occasion thieves broke through gates into a secure unit and stole a mower, drills and a strimmer.

Last Friday, in a daylight raid at Arcot Road, a valuable generator was taken.

Tidworth Royals spokeswoman Teressa Slater said: “This is so sad – I find it heartbreaking that someone can do this.

“We are trying so hard to keep kids off the street and give them football in the community and also giving football to kids who have a family member away in the Army.

“I cannot believe that people will stoop this low.

“We work so hard in our club to promote football. We have over 40 people who volunteer their time.

“We have no real money and cannot replace this generator and would like anyone who saw anything to report it to the police.”

Tidworth Town Council has been very supportive of the project and backed it with grants.

Mayor of Tidworth Cllr Chris Franklin said: “It is really saddening to see something like this happening.

“I only hope that whichever lowlife carried out these thefts does the decent thing and returns the stolen item, if only for the children’s sake.”

The generator was used to heat refreshments and food for the club, which has been running for five years.

Inspector Christian Lange, of Tidworth police, said: “Over the past week, the neighbourhood teams covering Tidworth and Amesbury sector have executed a total of seven warrants as part of an operation to tackle nondomestic burglaries.

“A number of arrests were made and we have recovered a significant amount of property including tools but have yet to recover a generator.

“The police know how devastating this type of theft can be and we are doing everything that we can in order to trace the offenders.

“We ask that if anybody has any information that could help police recover the property, they contact police as soon as possible.”