DISABILITY charity Enham Trust is bringing in measures to tackle the impact of the recession and protect its future.

Over the coming months Enham Trust will undergo internal restructuring at executive board level to simplify the organisation’s priority services.

Other changes will include the closure of Enham Nurseries, which has suffered from the economic downturn, and will allow other more profitable horticultural activities to expand.

Three posts will be affected, though Enham is hoping to avoid redundancies.

Peta Wilkinson, the charity’s chief executive officer said: “While we work very hard to provide services and support to disabled people, the worsening economy has had a huge impact on Enham.

“We have seen decreases in every area of our work.

“Health and social care budgets and Department of Work and Pension budgets have been severely reduced.

“The markets that our industries operate in are increasingly competitive, and fundraising for all charities has seen a fall in giving.”

The charity, based in Enham Alamein, is also looking to revitalise its image next spring in order to attract more potential donors by becoming a better recognised and credible voice for disability and for disabled people.

“These are sensible measures to place Enham Trust in the best possible position to enjoy a healthy and sustainable future, and enable us to continue supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our society,” explained Khalid Aziz, Chairman of Trustees at Enham.