PLANS for 150 new homes to be built on a greenfield site at Andover Down look likely to be rejected.

Planning officers at Test Valley Borough Council have recommended that the proposal for land at Harewood Farm, in London Road, Andover, is refused when it comes to the Northern Area Planning Committee next Thursday.

The application has asked for outline permission to build 90 private dwellings and 60 affordable homes.

The proposal included access via the new roundabout currently under construction at Picket Twenty, in London Road, along with public open space.

However, a report into the new development concludes that it would bring residential use too close to the existing industrial units, meaning that more work would need to be done to protect future residents from noise.

The plans would also require more primary school places, as there is no spare capacity in schools in Andover.

Housing at the site has been opposed by Andover Town Council as it falls outside the settlement boundary for Andover.

There were also concerns about the impact on the residents of the exiting mobile park.

The borough council received a total of five letters of objection from residents, voicing concerns about the increased traffic to the area, the fact that new homes would not fall within the local plan and questioning the need for more development in the area.

In conclusion to the report, planning officers commented: “The proposed development will lead to a significant and adverse impact on the character and appearance of the area, including the landscape and settlement character as a result of the introduction of a significant amount of built form in a prominent and visible location within the countryside, visually separated from other major built form.”