A SMANNELL resident has been left devastated after two dogs twice stormed her garden killing six pet chickens.

Lynette Aylett, of Pound View, has seen her chickens attacked and killed by a chocolate coloured Labrador and a tri coloured Jack Russell with a docked tail.

The first incident took place two weeks ago when two chickens were killed and one was fatally wounded, the second occurred at around 4pm on Friday (23 November) when three more chickens were fatally savaged by the dogs.

A neighbour attempted to stop the attack but became another target for the dogs, however she defended herself with a broom and escaped any harm.

Lynette said: “It’s so upsetting.

These chickens are our pets, they all had names and we bred many of the babies ourselves and three of them have now been taken in the attacks.

“One of the babies we only bought the Saturday before and they’ve ripped her to shreds.

“I just worry and wonder what might have happened if my grandson had been in the garden.”

Lynette added: “They are coming through the field from a bridleway at the back of the houses and into my garden.

“They have collars on them so are being walked but there are never any owners in sight, dog owners need to keep them on leads at all times or not walk them here after all the field is private land, we just don’t want this to happen again.”

Lynette explained her recent precautions but remains worried of another attack, she said: “I have since put up additional fencing but we just don’t know when or if they are going to come back again.”

If you are the owner of these dogs or have any information about them please contact Lynette on 07843112269.