PUPILS from Rookwood’s senior school were transported to New York 1929 recently as their latest production of Bugsy Malone took centre stage at the Andover Lights Theatre.

Armed with the notorious hoodlums Fat Sam and Dandy Dan and a healthy dose of the infamous Tallulah, the students had all the ingredients for a theatrical sensation so it was no surprise that each performance drew huge audiences.

There was much mayhem on stage as the pupils, aged 12 to 15, fought with custard pies and splurge guns, delighting audiences with well-known songs such as My name is Tallulah and Fat Sam’s Grand Slam with the Rookwood band adding their touch of magic to the action.

Miss Pauline Evans, Rookwood’s music teacher and the show’s musical and dramatic director, said: “It was a truly memorable and explosive performance and I am exceptionally proud of all those involved.”