ROADS across Andover and surrounding areas have been picked to pilot 20mph speed limits.

And Hampshire County Council wants to hear from local residents about their views of the proposals.

There are 10 areas that will trial the scheme and they include Floral Way, in Andover, and Whitchurch.

The consultation will include letters and questionnaires being sent to residents who live on the roads where the 20mph limit is proposed.

Councillor Mel Kendal, deputy leader and executive member for environment and transport at the county council, said: “If these schemes are to be successful and have the potential for being introduced in other areas, it is essential for us to establish that we have the support of local people for implementing 20mph speed restrictions.

“We are, therefore, sending residents who live where the 20mph limits are proposed, a questionnaire and we would encourage as many of those residents as possible to find a few moments to complete and return it to us, so that we can get a clear picture of their views.

“Alternatively, they can respond to us online at survey. /20mph.htm.

“Department for Transport g u i d a n c e states that g e n e r a l l y, 20mph speed limits should be self enforcing.

“The police are unlikely to treat enforcement as a priority in the residential 20mph areas, and so the support of residents, through their participation in Community Speed Watch programmes, will be vital should compliance become an issue.”

The total cost for implementing the pilot schemes will be about £250,000, with the first schemes expected in the Spring.

The 20mph speed limits will be indicated in the pilot areas using roadside signs at the start of the limits and 20mph road marking ‘roundels’ on the road surface in the areas.

B e f o r e and after, s p e e d monitoring will be carried out in a sample of roads in each area to assess the impact of the new speed limit.

The final ten areas picked for the trial were selected based on a number of criteria, including support for a lower limit, already existing traffic calming in place and residential roads currently subject to a 30mph limit.