THE Andover area experienced its wettest year for a decade in 2012 and was hit by some wild weather to see the old year out.

Andover Advertiser reader Kathryn Dawson took this photo of a tree blown down across the A3057 Leckford Lane, near Chilbolton, on Saturday.

She said: “The tree was being held across the road by telegraph wires, and lots of people were driving underneath it quite precariously until the police arrived.”

On the same day, another fallen tree was cleared from Longparish Road while Peter Eastwood spotted a fallen tree in Church Lane, Goodworth Clatford, at about 10.30am on Thursday 27 December.

The road reopened at 2pm, after the county council cleared the tree.

Trevor Wheeler, whose measurements are used by the Met Office, says he recorded 1,075.3mm (42.33ins) of rainfall in 2012 compared with an an annual average of 832.9mm over the past 40 years.

The wettest year on record locally was 1960 when 1,300mm of rain was recorded at Faccombe.