SCHOOLS in Andover registered for a fundraising world record breaking attempt for the most people singing and signing simultaneously are being asked this month to film their rehearsals.

Teachers and pupils participating in SignHealth’s sign2sing event on February 6 can share videos of their rehearsals on the charity’s social media pages in the run up to the day.

Steve Powell, chief executive at SignHealth, which is the national healthcare charity for deaf people, said: “So far more than 1,000 schools, including four from Andover, have registered for sign2sing.

“We understand many of them are already busy practising for the event and we thought it would be fun for teachers and pupils to share videos of their progress via Twitter and Facebook.

“Videos can be uploaded to and facebook.


“We look forward to seeing how schools are getting on.”

Last year 114,277 children took part in SignHealth’s sign2sing 2012 event and smashed the world record.

This will be SignHealth’s third sign2sing event and the charity is hoping to involve more than 175,000 youngsters.

On Wednesday 6 February at 2.45pm young people from all over the country and overseas will sign a song, entitled ‘sign2sing’, which has been composed especially for the event.

Steve continued: “We would also like to remind schools in Andover that they will need to film or photograph their performances on sign2sing day and this can be done using a camera or a mobile phone.

“The videos and photos will be sent to Guinness World Records® along with the paperwork, so it can confirmwhether we have broken the record.”

This year, teachers and pupils who sign up for sign2sing will have access to digital resources developed by SignHealth in partnership with leading causerelated entertainment provider, Digital Giving.

Schools in Andover wishing to take part are invited to register via as soon as possible, so they have time before February 6 to learn and rehearse the song.

For more information about sign2sing, please visit the website above or contact SignHealth on 01494 687600.

Alternatively, sign2sing is on Twitter at sign2sing and on Facebook at