TEST Valley Borough Council has launched its garden waste collection service for 2013/2014.

For £27.50 per year, residents can have their weeds, leaves, small branches, grass and hedge cuttings collected. If they sign up between 18 March and 15 April they can pay just £24.

Anyone not wishing to commit to a full year can sign up for six months from 11 November 2013, at a cost of £15.50.

Residents in receipt of council tax support, excluding single person discount, will pay £15.50 for a 12-month subscription.

The council provides a reusable polypropylene sack which can hold up to 20kg of garden waste. A sack costs £1 per subscription but if residents have signed up for the service previously and their bag is still in good condition, they can continue to use it. Only one sack will be collected per subscription.

Collections for the 2013/14 service will start from Monday, 13 May 2013. Current subscriptions expire on 12 May 2013. Those wishing to continue to benefit from the service will need to renew their subscription.

For more information, to join the garden waste collection service or to renew a subscription, visit testvalley.gov.uk/ gardenwaste.

Those not wishing to sign up to the collection service can take their garden waste to Test Valley’s household waste recycling centres at Scott Close, Walworth Business Park, Andover or Bunny Lane, Timsbury.