ONE of the first partnership events of its kind focused on managing the risk of flooding was hosted by Hampshire County Council.

The importance of improving local flood risk management remains crucial, particularly due to Hampshire’s high water table making it vulnerable to ground water flooding, together with rising levels of rainfall.

Among those who attended were representatives from the district and borough councils, local parish councils, the water companies and the Environment Agency.

Speakers included Southern Water’s chief executive, Matthew Wright and Paul Cobbing from the National Flood Forum charity.

Cllr Woodward said: “The aim of this event was to encourage people to be prepared and be prepared to work together.

“Following events, coastal flooding is very much in our minds – with the East Coast having experienced the worst tidal surge since 1953. Such coastal flooding, can merge with other inland water pressures, causing local flooding, the risk of which is our primary focus.”

Matthew Wright, chief executive of Southern Water said: “I am very pleased to have attended this event hosted by Hampshire County Council in Winchester.

“It can only be right that agencies responsible for managing flood risk come together to discuss how to improve their partnerships for the good of the public before, rather than after major flooding events.

Paul Cobbing, from the National Flood Forum added: “From this event we are hoping to become aware of more community based approaches to dealing with flooding.

Communities are the key to managing flooding.”

For more information and advice about flooding visit g.htm.