PEOPLE worried about Andover’s possible growth into the countryside can find some support via Test Valley Borough Council’s latest thinking oulined in a new green strategy which has just been unveiled.

The Green Infrastructure Strategy, to be discussed by TVBC’s cabinet nest week, and could be an important tool in the fight to save some green areas.

Much of the borough’s greenery is around Andover that special care needs to be taken with development so the landscape around the town is protected.

Therefore development on higher rural downland discouraged and green gaps left between the west of Andover and also between the town and the villages of the Clatfords, Little Ann and Abbotts Ann.

In the town itself the strategy recognised the importance of the green corridor through the centre of the town along the River Anton from Charlton to Rooksbury Mill and should enhance biodiversity, quality of the natural environment and support well-being.

Councillors have been told the borough has a long established record of partnership working to deliver environmental improvements within the borough and will continue to development new contacts.

It is currently working on projects with the Environment Agency, Forestry Commission, Hampshire CC, Hampshire Wildlife Trust and Natural England.

Report author, planning strategy chief Steve Lees, said: “Green space is an integral element of the infrastructure which supports our way of life.

“It provides places for people to enjoy themselves, is important for wildlife, it can assist in moderating the impact of a changing world and can have significant economic benefits.

“The purpose of this report is to set out a strategy for the borough which will support maintaining the existing green infrastructure and to enhance it.

“They will provide supporting evidence to the revise local plan.”