AN OVERTON author is celebrating after having his 14th children’s book published called Wicked Tales Five: The Grimm Selection.

Ed Wicke has lived in Overton for over 30 years and was also a senior lecturer at Cricklade College and a lecturer at BCOT.

Ed said: “On 20 December 2012, Google’s “doodle” celebrated the 200th anniversary of the publication of the Grimm Brothers’ “Household Tales” and that started me thinking.

“Some of these tales are rather grim and for many years the audiences of 7-12 year olds I present to have expressed a desire for some scary stories. Therefore I set myself a 12-month target to produce a book of stories based on some of the grimmer Grimm tales.

“Wicked Tales Five: The Grimm Selection” was published on 20 December 2013, a year to the day.

“Like my other books of Wicked Tales, it has eight wickedly funny stories.

And this time there are scary bits!

“There’s a range of novels – highwaymen in the 1840s, pirates seeking treasure, goblins who make a boy their king, a boy’s adventures with a talking cat, children who fall up a tree into another world, a school of magic and a crazy and wonderful book about dealing with bullies.”