THE British Red Cross and Age Concern Hampshire have joined forces and made a commitment to work together to support older people throughout the county, helping them remain independent in their homes.

The new partnership will see the two organisations working together to ensure older people receive shortterm support to help them through a personal crisis followed by longer term support if they need it.

Across the UK the British Red Cross provides help at home, transport and mobility to help people when they face a crisis in their lives.

Age Concern Hampshire provides a county-wide service ensuring older people have access to accredited information and advice.

The two organisations will work together to deliver services including community support for people with long-term conditions, services for frail people, prevention of falls and reduction of admissions to hospital.

Age Concern Hampshire chief executive Rick Smith said: “Offering older people continuity of care is key to ensuring they live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.

“We hope that the partnership will provide local people with the very best levels of support.”