A MOTHER of three from Ludgershall says her fiveweek- old daughter had to be rushed to hospital because of the conditions in her damp and mouldy home.

Now she is scared for the health of her entire family due to ongoing damp problems in her home in the wettest winter for 250 years.

Lori-Ann Page of Wood Park has battled with the conditions in her home since early 2012 and has criticised Aster Property Management for not acting to rectify the situation.

Extreme downpours in recent weeks have seen the circumstances worsen for 23-year-old Lori-Ann and her three young daughters aged four, two and three months.

Aster have offered extra heaters and a dehumidifier but Lori says she cannot afford to run these.

Lori-Ann said: “There is mould everywhere in this house, including the children’s bedrooms and it has even got onto our clothes, which I have had to throw away.

“I cannot afford to run the dehumidifier and heaters and Aster won’t come and sort this problem out. I feel totally let down.

“We have had everything, bronchiolitis, glandular fever and quinsy while living here in the damp and when my young daughter Brooke was just five weeks old, living here with no heating as it had broke, she had to be rushed to hospital due to the conditions.

“I want out of this house but they just don’t listen.”

Lori-Ann’s mother Sharon Cousins added: “I don’t understand how or why Aster are allowing them to live here still.”

An Aster Group spokesman said: “We’re working closely with a customer living at one of our properties in Wood Park, Ludgershall, regarding some problems she’s been experiencing with damp in her home.

“We’ve fitted a dehumidifying unit at the property to help resolve the problem.

We’ve advised the customer she’ll be compensated for any additional electrical costs incurred by running the unit, which is our standard procedure in situations like these.

“We’ll continue to liaise with the customer to try to resolve this as soon as possible.”