SIMPLYHEALTH staff in Andover have donated nearly £1,500 to The Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Hampshire.

Staff raised the funds through two charitable days and £1,490.55 was collected and donated to assist with the running costs of the Andover Alzheimer’s Cafe and to fund a Christmas lunch for carers.

Kerry Hearsey, from the Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Hampshire, said: “Without such generous contributions from the local community, the Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Hampshire would not be able to run these events.

“We would like to say how very grateful we are to all the staff involved and to those who nominated our charity.

“The monies received for the Alzheimers Café will enable us to continue to run the cafe in Andover.

“The Christmas lunch for carers was held at the Masonic Hall in Andover and all those who were able to attend had a lovely time and are very grateful that we were able to arrange this for them with the donation, as it gave them the opportunity to meet with other carers in the same position.”

Mark Hamson, a spokesperson for Simplyhealth, said: “The Princess Royal Trust for Carers is a great charity that provides support to a huge number of individuals right across the county as well as in the Andover area.

“We are delighted that we are able to help support the fantastic work they do.”