AN EXTRA-curricular opportunity has got Andover College’s Level 3 Motor Vehicles students revving as they put their theory into fastpaced practice with their own motorsport team.

The team’s car was debuted at the Southsea Motor Club Autumn Autosolo with the team seeing it perform in a racing situation.

Autosolo is a form of motorsport based around the principles of autotesting, a series of tests to measure precision driving skill.

The first challenge faced by the team was to prepare their Nissan Micra car to get it through an MOT.

This involved welding, new brake lines, new brakes and a full service – giving the opportunity to put the skills and knowledge learned on their college courses into practice.

Compared to traditional autotests, the course doesn’t involve specialised techniques like spin turns, is usually longer, and can involve a bit more speed through the corners. Autosolo events are open to drivers over the age of 16 and those without a full licence are limited to a saloon car of not more than 1400cc.

Motor Vehicle lecturer Tim Richman said: “When the car went straight through its MOT it was great to see the students’ hard work pay off.

“It has given them all a sense of being part of a team.

“This has integrated into their course, contributed to holistic assessments, boosted participation and group engagement and has been a completely positive experience.”