ANGRY Andover residents are calling for a 20mph speed limit along one of the main thoroughfares into the town and are planning to set up a speedwatch team.

Smannell Road residents, local councillors and police officers attended a meeting – organised by Alamein Community Association – to discuss rising concerns over speeding traffic.

The 30mph residential road is the main access to the town for residents in Roman Way, Swallowfields, Cricketers Way and the rapidly expanding Augusta Park development.

Although officers confirmed that speeding tickets were issued along Smannell Road, residents wanted further steps to be taken, including traffic calming measures or a 20mph speed limit.

Len Gates, organiser of the meeting, said: “There is real local concern about the traffic in the area. We hope to organise another meeting with council planning and transport officers so these concerns can be discussed. It’s obviously getting worse as more houses are getting built and residents feel that the county is not really listening to their concerns.”

Andover town councillor Barbara Carpenter wants to set up a community speedwatch team for the area.

Councillor Sean Woodward, Hampshire County Council’s executive member for economy, transport and environment, said: “The council had not been previously approached regarding concerns about speeding traffic on Smannell Road.

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