RESIDENTS at Andover’s Arbory residential home welcomed some creepy visitors when the Zoolab dropped in on Wednesday.

Coming face to face with a snake or a tarantula may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

However, that didn’t stop the brave residents who all saw, touched and even held some of their special guests.

At the session, residents were invited to meet and hold a range of animals, including a ghost corn snake, stick insects, an African land snail and a giant millipede.

Iain Slack, manager at Arbory, said: “Interaction between people with dementia and animals has been shown to bring a number of benefits.

“It can help reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve mood, increase socialisation and improve self-esteem and confidence.

“That is why pet therapy forms an important part of our busy activities programme at Arbory.

“As well as these more unusual animals, we also have regular sessions with dogs and small animals, which residents really enjoy. But it just goes to show that animals don’t have to be cute and furry to bring a smile.”