A WOODLAND shelter created in Harmony Woods on the north eastern side of the town is out of action after being badly damaged by vandals.

Now work is taking place to restore the structure in Andover’s newest woodland area.

Wendy Davis, from Andover Trees United, said: “Members of National Citizen Service Team Chan Clan, who last summer gave generously of their time to design and build the volunteer shelter, visited the site on Saturday to survey the damage.

“Although saddened to see their work in pieces they made a heartfelt plea to the community not to dwell on the negative, but to turn it into something positive by coming together to help to rebuild it.

“The group of 16-year-olds signed up to the National Citizen Service to demonstrate the positive contribution young people can make within Andover were given the opportunity to do so.

Although a start has been made on the tidying up, the shelter is still unsound and visitors are requested not to cross the hazard tape that has been put up for public safety.”

Unfortunately all the shelter’s side panels have been damaged beyond repair.

Andover Trees United is appealing for those with timber and joinery skills to come forward to help them restore the shelter to useable condition. If you can help please phone Wendy on 01264 710893.