PUPILS from Rookwood’s Preparatory School had the chance to get hands-on in the face of global warming thanks to the ‘Plant-forthe- Planet’ Academy held at the Portway Stadium in Andover.

The 13 pupils, aged 10 and 11, saw a presentation given by a climate justice ambassador on the consequences of global warming, the greenhouse effect and the need to plant more trees.

They experienced firsthand the current very wet climate conditions as they planted their own trees in the grounds of the stadium.

The children were then able to practise public speaking skills with pupils from other local schools, by preparing and giving a short presentation on what they had learnt and enjoyed during the day.

They then all received T-shirts and certificates and are now all climate justice ambassadors.

Mr Colin Heath, paddocks science teacher, said: “This has been a fantastic opportunity for our pupils and it has inspired them to think more positively about the contributions that they could make to our planet in the future.”