IT has been confirmed that Overton’s outdoor Lordsfield swimming pool will be open this year and plans are in place to help secure its future.

The pool based at Overton Primary School faced closure at the end of last year but volunteers and funds have been forthcoming to keep the facility open for 2014.

The parish council heard how between £12,000 and £15,000 is needed every year to open and run the pool and a joint committee between the local school and swimming club has been set up.

Tony Leach, of the joint committee, said: “I can confirm the good news that the pool will be opening this year as that was not absolutely certain but it is now.

“We are not just looking for funds for now but we are also looking to the future.”

The swimming pool has over 800 users of which 400 are children and over £1,000 has been raised from voluntary local donations from the public.

Overton Primary School head teacher Fiona Wyeth said: “We have a joint committee that is raising together so we aren’t approaching the same sources.

We are working hard to make sure we continue to raise the money and spend it on the right things.

“We want to keep the pool open but it needs to be affordable and sustainable. It costs in the region of £12,000 and £15,000 to run.”

John Pritchard, chairman of Lordsfield Swimming Club, said: “The support is there in the village to volunteer and help support the pool.

“Difficulty has come from the culmination of new health and safety changes and budget changes as well.

“We are working with local groups and businesses and we have been able to tap into grants and will look to approach Belectric if they are successful with their application for a solar farm in the village.”