NEW traffic measures are set to be introduced to residential roads in Andover.

Test Valley Borough Council will launch parking and driving restrictions in Floral Way.

It is to encourage those dropping children by car at Balksbury, St John the Baptist and John Hanson schools to park a short distance from the entrance and walk the rest of the way.

The restrictions will be in force between Chatsworth Drive and the access to John Hanson School, and there will be a busonly link between John Hanson School and Beech Walk.

This will include raising a short length of road to a level closer to the top of the kerb to encourage bus drivers to reduce their speed.

A short section of one-way street on the Floral Way service road near Salisbury Road will be introduced, and there will also be an increase in the size of the car park, which will have a time limit of 30 minutes.

There will be additional parking restrictions near Hexagon Stores and a residents’ parking scheme in some of the local roads.

The plans were put out to public consultation at the end of last year, with the council receiving more than 150 comments.

Councillors took into account the feedback and amended the scheme, with changes which will see the proposed 30-minute time limit increased to 45 minutes and some roads removed from the residents’ parking scheme, including part of Floral Way between Berry Way and Lime Walk footpath, the road serving Maple Walk, Pine Walk and part of Lime Walk, Hackwood Close, Stourhead Close, Kew Walk, Longstock Close and part of Exbury Way, north of Wisley Road.

Councillor Martin Hatley, planning and transport portfolio- holder, said: “I considered the scheme and the amendments put forward by local councillors following the public consultation.

“I have agreed the scheme and authorised the completion of the traffic regulation order.

“The order will appear in the near future and the works will be contracted so that they can be carried out within the school summer holiday to minimise disruption with a planned implementation date of 1 September, 2014.

“I am confident that the scheme will ease congestion in Floral Way and avoid the risk to children outside schools.”