HARROW Way Community School has been selected to be one of the Champion Schools for the 2014 National Citizen Service (NCS), the Government-backed youth citizenship programme.

Year 11 students can join the programme, which has been designed to help young people build skills for work and life, take on new challenges and meet new friends.

Head teacher Michael Serridge said: “We fully support any initiative which encourages our students to expand their horizons, learn new skills and enrich their lives.

“The NCS can only be a very positive experience, and feedback from last year’s participants was that it was hugely rewarding and for some, quite life-changing.

“I am hoping that once again large numbers from our Year 11 will take part in the scheme and reap the immediate benefit and the longer-term rewards as well.”

In 2013, NCS engaged 40,000 young people, and Harrow Way students will join an expected 65,000 in 2014 also looking to take part in different outdoor activities, develop new skills, gain greater understanding and contribute positively in the local community.

The programme consists of four phases that will develop student leadership, teamwork and communication skills.

These are put into practice when they are given the opportunity to create a project they really care about and bring to life in the Andover community.

Students work in a team of 12-15 people alongside a mentor who will point them all in the right direction.

The NCS believes that given the respect, tools and opportunity, young people can change the world around them.

There are longer term benefits to taking part in the scheme. For students looking to progress on to university – UCAS recognises NCS as an extra-curricular activity which can demonstrate skills on UCAS application forms.