MONDAY saw a heavy downpour which led to localised flooding in the centre of Andover.

The problems have led to complaints about the way the High Street was modernised in 2004 when cars were excluded.

Landlady of The Globe Inn, Nicky Nosko, said: “It is disgusting that things have been allowed to continue like this as we had the same last year – someone needs to look at it.

“They should never have taken the kerbs away. Now I have a foot of water in my cellar.”

This time she was able to rescue the stock from the cellar, but the torrent washed street litter such as cigarette butts into the area which will now have to be cleaned and sanitised, costing an unknown amount of money.

Nearby Bill Evans of Globe Galleries was sweeping the water away from the premises.

“It has never been this bad,”

said Bill, who has been trading here for 40 years.

He too blamed the changes made to the High Street when cars were banned and the blocks replaced asphalt, kerbs and large pavings.

On Monday the water swept down the street with such force that heavy blocks, laid as part of the £1 million borough council inspired upgrade in 2004, were lifted, causing a trip hazard.

A borough council spokesman said this is a matter for the county as highway authority.

A Hampshire County Council spokeswoman said: “Hampshire County Council’s highways department is aware of recent issues with regard to drainage in the area of public open space in the High Street, as was evident following the sudden, heavy downpours last weekend.

“Highways engineers are looking into what can be done to improve this drainage related issue and resolve the matter at the earliest opportunity, working closely with Test Valley Borough Council.”

Weather recorder Trevor Wheeler said the downpour was very localised.

“On the day here in Hurstbourne, I recorded 10.7mm, but I was talking to someone who had been at Coombe, about six miles from here, and he said he had never seen rain like it.

“It was dry here at that time.

“Last Friday was the wettest April day here, when 20.9mm was recorded.”