OVERTON residents and councillors were given an update on the new street lighting service which will “significantly” cut energy use.

New lights have been rolled out across the county since 2007 and Overton will soon be receiving its lighting upgrade.

Part of the village is to receive “tasteful” heritage lights in the conservation area of Overton, which includes Winchester Street.

The work is currently ahead of schedule in Hampshire and it is hoped it will be completed later this year in December.

Work to replace old and worn street light columns has been taking place since 2007 under a contract which is the largest of its kind in Europe.

Julian Higgins, a representative from Hampshire County Council said: “We have been working hard to bring the equipment into the 21st century.”

The new lights will significantly help reduce the use of electricity through a number of ways.

Mr Higgins added: “We are using slightly taller columns which means the light casts further and we don’t have to increase power.

“As well as this, a central management system will automatically dim street lights by 25 per cent between ten o’clock and midnight and a further 25 per cent between midnight and 5am again significantly cutting energy use.”