THE May meeting of Amport Parish Council was the annual meeting which started with the Parish Clerk asking for nominations for the different offices.
Several of the councillors were re-elected to their previous positions with Cllr Ian Morrison as chairman, Cllr Charles Stephens as vice chairman and footpaths officer and Cllr Alan Maddern as financial officer also with responsibility for footpaths.  In his absence, Cllr Gary Benton was put forward as schools liaison officer but this appointment will need to be confirmed.
The council account has now been audited and was duly signed.
The following topics were discussed:
The Green: The chairman said that quotes will be obtained to lay more sections of grasscrete in order to provide more parking on the track beside The Green. This will also involve moving one piece of play equipment. 
Regarding the ‘dew pond’ which normally forms over the winter or after heavy rain on the south side of The Green, the chairman said it would be possible to drain this into the ditch alongside, but it was decided to leave it for the time being since it seems to be drying up of its own accord.
A new tree to replace the fallen crack willow beside the stream will be planted in the autumn.
Footpaths: The path alongside the fishing lake (formerly watercress beds) has now been cleared of overhanging branches. However, the path itself, being very narrow, tends to become very wet and muddy over the winter and the owner will be approached to see if he could provide a solution to this. The rest of the footpaths will be cut at the end of May / beginning of June.
The footpath in the Middlecote area of Quarley, which has been blocked and made unusable, will be reported to Hampshire County Council who will send a footpath warden to inspect it.
The signs asking people to clear up after their dogs have been renewed on several footpaths because once again dog fouling is becoming a problem.
Highways: Amport and Monxton villages had recently applied to be part of a pilot scheme for a ‘20 is plenty’ speed restriction. However, they were not chosen this time – the village which will be carrying out this trial is Chilbolton.
Marquee: The new marquee was recently hired out by Broughton village and a video was taken of it being put up. Once edited, a DVD of the procedure will be produced, together with illustrated written instructions which will be available for all hirers. However, the council are also seeking a member of the village to accompany the marquee and to supervise its erection each time it is hired out. This post will be suitably remunerated and anybody who is interested should get in touch with the clerk, Suzanne Hoare, on 01264 771469.
Scout Fête: This will take place on The Green on 22 June.