ANGRY parents have criticised Harrow Way School for not informing them of the use of CCTV on its site to monitor their children.

The school has confirmed that cameras are in operation on their premises, and initial complaints and anger were expressed on social media as news of the cameras came to light.

Some parents believe that they should have been made aware of such practice, which prompted complaints to be made to the school.

Susan Conway, whose daughter attends Harrow Way School, said: “At no stage have I been contacted by the school to say that there were CCTV cameras in the girls’ toilets.

“My daughter feels violated, and as a mother I feel deeply concerned about her being watched in the toilets.”

Harrow Way have defended the use of CCTV cameras at the school. They have been described as a preventative measure against anti-social behaviour, and assurances have been given that pupils’ privacy is not being breached.

Head teacher Mike Serridge said: “I would like to confirm that, in common with other schools, CCTV cameras are used to minimise any potential vandalism and bullying which may take place.

“The school, of course, complies with all current legislation regarding the use of CCTV.

“Any cameras used in the toilets would only be pointed at either the sinks or the entrance door.”