SCENES in Tom Cruise’s latest sci-fi thriller Edge of Tomorrow were filmed at a former army base at Barton Stacey, it has been confirmed Cruise, co-star Emily Blunt and their film crews set up camp for two and a half weeks and spent over £500,000 while filming in the area between November and December in 2012.

Filming was facilitated through Film Hampshire, a service offered by Hampshire County Council to promote Hampshire as a great film location, as well as providing film makers with a valuable free location finding service.

Councillor Seán Woodward, Hampshire County Council executive member for Economy, Transport and Environment, said: “Once again Hampshire has been the setting for another big-budget film. Film Hampshire plays a significant role in attracting investment and tourism to Hampshire which is great for the local economy.

“By promoting Hampshire locations to film makers we can increase opportunities for local businesses while the cast and crew are here, as well as support tourism from film-lovers visiting famous movie locations.

“The tourism sector plays a vital role in our local economy, generating well over £3 billion each year and providing more than 60,000 jobs.”

‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is the latest addition to the Film Hampshire archive which includes Les Misérables, Bond epic – ‘Skyfall’, ‘World War Z’ with Brad Pitt, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and ‘Downton Abbey’.

Rumours of the American star being in the area were rife in 2012, especially after he was spotted in Stockbridge High Street.