A CONTROVERSIAL shared-use pedestrian/cycle route planned for Weyhill Road in Andover has been given the green light by Hampshire County Council (HCC).

The decision on whether to press on with the £230,000 cycleway was taken by Councillor Seán Woodward, Hampshire’s executive member for economy, transport and environment on Tuesday.

His report also revealed that the police are in support of the scheme.

The police carried out a survey along the route, which showed that 25 per cent of cyclists are cycling on the pavement.

The report says that this is happening because some cyclists are reluctant to use the busy road.

The report reads: “This was primarily due to the concerns of cyclists with the volume of traffic and lack of space given by motorists when negotiating the traffic calming.”

According to the report, county councillor Pat West gave her approval to the measure but Cllr Tony Hooke has been critical. He said: “It is a lot of money being spent on something only two or three people and a few councillors want.”

Local resident and opponent of the cycleway, Alan Turner, said in correspondence to the Andover Advertiser: “I understand that Cllr Woodward (leader of Fareham Borough Council) has given his approval to this insane intention.

“But there again he would because he doesn’t live in Andover, let alone on Weyhill Road, so won’t have to live with the consequences.

“Shame on him and all those who wanted this to happen at any cost.

“I would like to have thought that, for once, Hampshire Council Council/Test Valley Borough Council (TVB) had learnt from their errors of the past and listened to what the people want, and not what HCC/TVBC say they need.

“As your leader on 14 March advised, sadly, HCC/TVBC have not taken a step back to look at this issue objectively.”

Cllr Hooke added: “Anything that is put forward with this council it will be approved.

“You saw it with the care home last year.

“If the council decide on something, it will happen.

“The large majority of people were against it.”

Hampshire County Council was unable to respond by the time of going to press.