ANDOVER residents have been asked to recycle more household waste as part of a national awareness week.

National Recycle Week runs until Sunday, and Recycle for Hampshire is asking people to make sure they are recycling as much as possible.

Residents are reminded that they can recycle tins and cans, aerosols, paper and magazines, cardboard and plastic bottles.

Recycle for Hampshire education officers were also out and about during the week to encourage school children to take part in a CANimal competition.

Children were shown the importance of recycling metals such as cans as well as how to turn them into fun animals using as many old materials as possible.

Councillor Leslie Keeble, the chairman of Project Integra, said: “I can’t stress how important recycling is, it conserves raw materials, saves energy, protects the environment and reduces waste sent for disposal.”

The wrong items in recycling bins have to be separated out and sent for disposal, which costs the council extra money.

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