A DAD plans to break a world record this weekend after he was inspired to take on a new challenge by his poorly daughter.

Graham Inchley, who designed a special wheelchair that he could take along country lanes with his 17-year-old daughter Isla, who suffers from ME, now plans to break the record for pushing a wheelchair for 24 hours.

He wants to beat the current record of 63 miles at Thruxton Race Circuit this Saturday.

The father-of-three, of Wallop Road, Grateley, believes he broke the record last September, when he completed 110 miles around the circuit – the equivalent of 48 laps – but sadly this was never verified by the records office as a witness failed to turn up.

But Mr Inchley, an engineering manager at Heathrow, is quietly confident he can repeat the feat and beat the unchanged 63-mile record – about 30 laps of the circuit.

He said: “It was gut-wrenching but within a month I pulled my socks up and thought I can’t let it rest, I must do it again.

“It won’t be as quick as last year as I have had less time to train as work is busy but I am quietly confident. If I stick to the strategy I have in my mind.”

This year the former Royal Navy aircraft engineer will be raising money for the Association of Young People With ME and the Autistic Society, as both sons Robert, aged 22, and Frazer, aged 20, suffer from Asperger syndrome.

Mr Inchley said: “If I beat the record and get that verified I will be singing from the rooftops and who knows how much it will raise, several thousand pounds hopefully.”

In preparation for the big push, the 50-year-old has been training at lunchtimes and during weekends whenever he gets the chance.