PART of Andover Business Park could be exempt from rules which prevent commercial vehicles from using barred routes when they visit the site.

Members of Test Valley Borough Council’s northern area planning committee, meeting on Thursday, have been told that allowing the changes to the rule for plot one on the large site will not have an adverse impact on local roads.

Vehicles using the barred routes to visit the Co-op distribution centre are logged by number plate recognition technology and are fined £500 each time there is a breach.

Two parish councils have put forward objections to the proposal to relax the ban for plot one – a large area nearest to the entrance.

Penton Mewsey Parish Council said lifting the ban will make it difficult to stop vehicles going to the remainder of the plots. Amport Parish Council said it “strongly objects to any consent which would entail any alteration to the barred routes.”

The barred routes are A3057 south of the A303, A342 north of the A303, A343 north and south of the A303, B3402 and B3048 north of the A303 and C43 Monxton Road.