PERMISSION has been sought for a new weir in Monxton, near Andover.

Lord Simon Tanlaw has submitted a planning application for Upper Mill House.

And Test Valley Borough councillors will meet on Thursday for a northern area planning committee meeting to discuss the plans.

The proposal is to replace the existing weir to the west of the house, which lies just outside of the boundary of the Amport and Monxton Conservation Area.

Plans include alterations to the original weir to make the brook more resilient to flood flow.

However, Monxton Parish Council has asked for certain conditions to be enforced, including that the weir must allow enough water through in the summer months so that fish can continue to live in the river course and that the new structure is reduced in height so that it does not cause flooding to the surrounding area.

Nearby residents have also written to the borough council with concerns about the impact the weir would have on flooding.

However, in recommending that the application is given the go ahead, a planning report concluded: “The proposed development is considered to be acceptable because it would not impact adversely on the character and appearance of the surrounding area, flooding or ecology, and in these respects complies with the relevant policies of the Test Valley Borough Local Plan 2006.”