A NEW set of parking restrictions could be coming to Tidworth with yellow lines in St Andrews Road.

The authorities are concerned about congestion caused when the green area nearby is in use for football practice and large numbers of parents park in the narrow but busy street.

The congestion has led to problems for buses and large military vehicles.

Cllr Mark Connolly, who represents Tidworth at County Hall, said: “I had a site visit with the Garrison Sergeant Major on Friday night and as a result of the meeting the Garrison Theatre gates are open so that people can park in there.

“This seems to be working very well as a short-term solution.

“We should look at having double yellow lines on St Andrews Road.”

Councillor Connolly also said he had met with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation to discuss the traffic implications of the increased number of soldiers coming to the area as a result of the Army rebasing plans.

He urged them to take more account of the impact of the new link road rather than make plans now to widen the Ram junction, introduce more traffic lights and introduce additional lanes for turning traffic.