A HAMPSHIRE County Council councillor faced a barrage of tough questions about potholes in Overton.

Anna Mcnair-Scott, who is Conservative councillor for Candovers, which includes Overton, was grilled by parish councillors and Michelle Le’Warne, who fell over a pothole in 2011, and believes that the same one is still causing problems.

When the accident happened Michelle had just walked off a minibus and fell into Winchester Road, near the Co-op store, after tripping over a pothole.

Michelle was treated at B a s i n g s t o ke hospital for a bruised knee, sprained ankle and bruises to her arms.

Because her arms were bruised, she was unable to use crutches given to her, which meant that she had to pay carers to help look after her disabled son Peter, who has cerebral palsy.

The 56-year-old is angry that the pothole is still in the road, and said: “The hole has not been fixed properly and someone else is going to end up hurt like I was.

“It is a nasty accident waiting to happen, and something needs to be done.”

Michelle’s fears were shared by Overton parish councillors.

One of them is Brian Langer, who said that although the road had been resurfaced, he still has worries over potholes.

He said: “There is a future problem with potholes, we understand that our local highway engineer had to resubmit all the work that needed to be done before the flooding hit, because of resources being stretched and this has left us with a backlog of jobs that need to be done.

“The pothole has been temporarily filled in but it isn’t a high quality job and that whole road needs proper attention – not just a bit of work here and a bit of work there.”

While another Overton Parish councillor, Peter Baker, said: “Hampshire County Council will not take responsibility for the dangerous potholes, they are saying they will not give any compensation.”

Anna Mcnair-Scott apologised to Michelle Le’Warne in the meeting, who is still locked in a battle with Hampshire County Council for compensation.

She said: “I am so sorry. I wish you came to me sooner and I would have liked to have done something.”