MOVES to site four caravans for residential use on land at Hurstbourne Tarrant are set to be refused by Test Valley Borough Council.

An application has been made by a family, understood by Test Valley Borough Council to be by Romani Gypsies, to locate the caravans for residential use at The Atchen Tan on Netherton Road.

However the move has received objections during consultation on the impact it would have on the landscape, and residents have also expressed their concerns.

Nine letters objecting the move have been received by council officers which stress that allowing the caravans would blot the countryside while also raising worries over other similar applications being made should this be given permission.

The local parish council have also objected to the application, however some residents have defended and backed the applicants, who have been described as “well-liked and respected”

within the community.

The application has been recommended for refusal as the development would detract significantly from the local landscape and beauty spot as part of the north Wessex downs area which are contrary to Test Valley Borough Council’s local plan.