TEST Valley mayor Jan Lovell says those who donated £247 towards ‘DreamNight’ at Tesco on Saturday can be sure the money will be much appreciated.

This year’s DreamNight took place at The Hawk Conservancy and was attended by 300 children with their carers and siblings from 18 organisations such as Romsey and Andover Young Carers, Ickneild School and Naomi House and also welcomed foster children.

“Some of the stories are truly heart rending,” said Jan. “I am working with the Hawk Conservancy and supporting the annual event with some funding as part of my appeal this year but am also looking to try and find a regular sponsor.

“For children whose lives are tougher than most, many bearing responsibilities and stresses that often deny them a proper happy childhood, DreamNight is an amazing evening when they can create magical memories and get to remember they are children.

“Best summed up, perhaps, by a sixyear- old on his way out from the most recent event: ‘That was awesome dad’, DreamNight is only possible because of the generous support of our local community.