POLICE in Tidworth say a cyclist in the town was robbed of his bike when two men threatened to set their pit bull dogs on him.

The incident took place at 2pm on Sunday in Ludgershall Road.

A police spokesman said: “A cyclist was riding along the cycle path when a white Transit van vehicle stopped ahead of him and two men got out, both with pit bull type dogs on chains.

“They told him to hand over the bicycle or they would set the dogs on him.

“They took the bike, put it in the van and drove off. The men were described as over 6ft tall, well built, age late 20s, with tattoos on their arms.

“One of the men had short blond hair, the other had a shaven head with a tattoo on the left side, level with his ear, of a flying bird with wings outspread.

“The van driver was white, stout, aged in his 40s, with greying hair.

“The stolen cycle was a Carbon Flame Scott CR1, colour yellow and black.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact Tidworth police on 101.