AT the February meeting of Nether Wallop Parish Council, with Cllrs Ian Carpenter, Ross James, Edward Souter (chairman), the clerk and three members of the public present, the following points from the floor were raised:

A resident said that the white lines as vehicles exit Salisbury Lane onto the A343 are no longer visible. He would report this on the Hants Highways website and this would also be taken up by the parish council.

Another resident was concerned that loose dogs on the Trout Lane track are still out of control although this is now a legal obligation under the Dangerous Dogs Act. Three attacks on her cats had been made this year including one in her garden. She emphasised that she was also speaking for others in saying that although there is a right of way over this private land it does not extend to dogs being let loose to cause a nuisance. The chairman reported that the Act provides clear advice and the resident would provide a précis to be inserted in the parish magazine.

The following topics were then discussed: Playing fields: Ian Carpenter reported that a load of scalpings had been delivered to the playing fields but another load was required. It needs a tractor and machine to spread and flatten it.

The pavilion needs a new lavatory and refurbishment in the cloakrooms. Two quotes would be obtained from plumbers.

The chairman reported that the floors need painting. A list of actions will be compiled.

He reported that the hedge cutting was excellent but that there is still a bit more to be done by hand between the wire of the tennis court.

Village Green: Ian Carpenter reported that the chairman of the green committee, Richard Osmond is retiring after 16 years in the post. A new chairman would be elected at the next meeting.

Nether Wallop Village Hall: The chairman of the parish council reported that he had a quote from BT for Wi-Fi. The costs would be £120 for the initial line connection and £29.90 for the monthly line rental (one year minimum contract). It would be registered as a business site and BT would supply the router. The line rental includes unlimited data download. This information had been previously electronically circulated to all councillors and Cllrs Helen James, Lynne Curry and Jon Cotterell had responded in favour. The motion was proposed by the chairman and seconded by Ian Carpenter with all in favour.

Ross James enquired whether the network would be secure and the chairman confirmed that the password would be changed from time to time.

The chairman circulated a list compiled by Trevor Johnson. It showed different models and makes of cutlery and it was unanimously agreed that the council purchase the Dubarry style with just two packets of serving spoons rather than the suggested twelve. A list of various pots and pans had also been devised and these would be decided upon at a later date by the chairman and Trevor. All agreed to go ahead with Ross James suggesting that stainless steel saucepans are more hard wearing than aluminium.

The chairman reported that there had been a slight problem with the sealing on the floor and this would be reviewed in three months time. There is a snagging list and this is the responsibility of the trust.

The final financial handover would take place in about five month’s time. A recent hiring of the hall for the rugby had an excellent attendance.

County councillor report: Hampshire County Cllr Andrew Gibson had emailed a report to councillors. The highway maintenance contract had been re-tendered. A new pot hole technology in the form of several new large vehicles which fill section of roads and not just individual pot holes has been purchased.

The devolved budget for next year has been agreed. The Andover Library is to be refurbished. Council tax will rise 4.99 per cent to include 3 per cent for adult social care.

The Army Air Corps are keen to refurbish the Air Museum. The chairman added that Maj-General Toyne Sewell will be in charge of this project and has asked for the support of the parish council.

Andrew’s report concluded that he has chased for the work on the footpath at Heathman Street to be done.