DOREEN and Cliff Tarleton- Hodgson, whose romance began during dancing classes, celebrated 60 years of marriage on September 6.

The couple, who are originally from the Isle of Man, met through ballroom dancing lessons and soon became an item before marrying at Maughold Parish church.

Due to Cliff’s work with the Army, the pair have travelled all over the world including Gibraltar, Malaysia and Germany. After living in Andover for 13 years they moved to Scotland before returning to the town where they have now resided for the past 23 years.

As well as serving in the Army, Cliff has worked for the civil service and the Ministry of Defence while Doreen enjoyed employment in catering, nursing and as a cashier.

Cliff and Doreen have a daughter, Bernice, who was born during their time in Gibraltar; she has given them a granddaughter and they have since gone on to be blessed with great grandchildren.

To celebrate their anniversary they held a garden party at their home and also went out for dinner with friends in Andover.

Doreen enjoys knitting, reading and listening to music with Cliff a keen gardener and a fan of television.

When asked what the key is to a successful marriage, Doreen said: “We have had a few scraps but we always make up, don’t believe anyone that says that they haven’t argued.”

She also added: “I make sure I win with any of our differences!”

Cliff joked: “I keep out of the way!”