POLICE are appealing for information after a house was burgled while the victim was asleep.

Intruders entered the property on Village Street, Goodworth Clatford, between 10am and 10.35am on Tuesday, April 18, and searched drawers in one of the bedrooms.

The victim, who was asleep in another room, was woken by the noise and called out. The intruders then left empty handed.

PC Simon Beecroft, said: “I’d like to speak to anyone who has information about this incident. The victim was at home at the time of the incident and was woken by the intruder/s. She called out and they left the house empty handed.

“Now the days are getting warmer, make sure your properties are left secure. Even if you’re at home, make sure doors and windows are secure when you leave the room. Please also keep an eye on your neighbours’ properties, especially if they are away on holiday.”

If you have any information, contact police on 101 quoting crime reference number 44170144444.