A YOUNG father has avoided time behind bars despite threatening police officers with a Stanley knife and then punching their car.

Tyler Walters, 24, of Vespasian Road, Andover, was sentenced to six months in jail, suspended for two years when he appeared at Winchester Crown Court on Friday, 6 October.

He had pleaded guilty to using threatening and abusive language with the intention to cause harm as well as being in possession of a bladed object.

The court heard how Walters had called the police shortly after 1am on Tuesday, September this year saying: “I have a knife and a hammer and the next person I see I will stab them in the throat and smack them in the head.”

The court heard how when police arrived at the scene, Walters was ‘topless with a puffed-out chest holding a shiny object’.

Prosecuting, Robert Welling said: “When he approached the officer in their car he was holding a fully extended Stanley knife, and was making slashing motions at the window.

“The officers drove away, and the defendant then appeared to put the knife on the ground before coming up to the passenger window and punching it with some force.”

Defending, Sarah Roberts said: “At times of distress he turns to alcohol and that seems to be what has happened on this occasion.”

Miss Roberts told the court that Walters was of sound enough mind to call the police so he would not put the public in danger.

She did add that Walters does however regret any distress he caused the officers by his actions.

In sentencing Judge Jane Miller QC said that Walters actions will have a lasting impact on the officers who he confronted.

Judge Miller said: “It was just good that no members of the public were around and that you knew to call the police to help you.”

In addition to the suspended sentence, Judge Miller also sentenced Walters to pay £250 costs.