Andover East has experienced no burglaries in the past week as residents placed burglary as their top concern in the latest community priority survey.

Feedback from the Hampshire Police survey completed Thursday 28, September, showed residents wanted policing priorities to be focused on burglary for the next three months.

This included burglary at homes, but also outside of the home in places such as sheds and garages.

Latest crime figures from August showed how out of 29 reported crimes in the area, three were burglaries.

Stockbridge neighbourhood team police community support officer Sam Bate said: “I’m pleased to say that over the past week, there’s been no burglaries of any kind across Andover East.”

The officer also gave advice on how to prevent or deter people to commit burglaries.

Tips included removing valuables from view of ground floor windows, storing high value items in a secure safe, ensure rear fencing is in good condition, locking garden tools in the shed and checking your insurance documents for specific security requirements.

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