CHILDREN at Broughton Primary School were delighted to discover a special prehistoric guest roaring its way into their afternoon assembly.

The pupils enjoyed the special treat after one of its pupils won Marwell Wildlife’s Design-ASaurus competition.

The top prize was a visit from Marwell’s lifelike Velociraptor, affectionately known as Velma.

To win, children had to use their imagination to create a brand new dinosaur.

The winning dinosaur was designed by Alexander who created ‘Forestsaurus’, a herbivore that had camouflaged skin which ingeniously changed colour with the season to ensure it was difficult to be seen by predators.

Alexander also won a Marwell Education Outreach Session for his class, an individual animal adoption, and his classmates each received a child and adult ticket to Marwell Zoo.

Alexander’s teacher, Miss Nicola Lake, said: “What a fantastic afternoon we had when Marwell came to visit.

“The brilliant education team came armed with a multitude of props and delivered a really engaging series of mini lessons on adaptation and conservation.”