AN ANDOVER school has received a glowing report following an inspection which rated the establishment as ‘outstanding’.

Wolverdene Special School, on Love Lane, was rated ‘outstanding’ in all areas after an Ofsted inspection which took place last month.

For effectiveness of leadership and management, the report stated: “The head teacher is a highly respected and greatly influential leader.

“His passion for learning and dedication to the pupils in his care is evident in all aspects of the school’s work.

“He rightly recognises that pupils have one chance for their education and he makes no secret that he expects Wolverdene to be their best chance.”

The inspector noted that disadvantaged students made similar or better progress than their classmates.

The primary school developed its children in many ways ‘beyond the curriculum’.

The report said: “In a recent assembly, pupils learnt about Guy Fawkes and the role he played in the ‘gunpowder plot’.

“Through this, leaders explored issues such as terrorism, democracy, mutual respect and tolerance, the rule of law and personal safety.”

It added parents were very positive about the school, saying: “One parent said, ‘I don’t know where my son would be without this school. It gives him a sense of belonging’.”

For quality of teaching, learning and assessment, the inspector found teachers and learning support assistants knew pupils very well.

They also found student’s books showed tasks were ‘matched carefully to their individual needs.’

The children enjoyed challenging lessons including an example where a teacher taught Year 6 pupils about different parts of the brain using their hands.

For example, their palms represented the reptilian brain and used the term ‘neuro-plasticity’.

The report said bullying in the school is very rare, with no exclusions in two years.