CHILDREN at an Andover preschool are “happy, confident and curious learners” according to a recent Ofsted report.

Elim Church Pre School, on South Street, was rated ‘good’ by the official body, which inspected the school at the beginning of last month.

The centre achieved the same status when it was last inspected four years ago.

In effectiveness of the leadership and management, the report said the pre-school’s safeguarding is ‘effective’.

It said: “Staff are confident about the procedures to follow if they have concerns about a child’s welfare.

“The premises are secure and staff have a good awareness of their responsibilities to keep children safe.”

For quality of teaching, learning and assessment, the inspector found staff had high expectations for the children.

The report said: “They skilfully encourage children’s language development in the activities they undertake with children.

“Children freely choose from a wide range of easily available resources and are very responsive to the planned activities, which engage them well.”

Staff welcomed children warmly, according to the report’s personal development, behaviour and welfare section.

Outcomes for children reported the school’s children develop the skills they need for the next stage in their learning, adding: “Children are self-motivated and enjoy role play, as they act out real and imaginary experiences.

“They use books with care and show increasing awareness that writing has meaning.”

In order for the school to improve further, the inspector recommended the provider to build on the children’s sense of responsibilities and confidence.

They added the school should also create more opportunities for children to use and explore technology.