A NURSERY has kept up its standards following an Ofsted inspection, which found its children were happy, settled quickly and felt secure.

Yellow Dot Nursery, on Church Close, Andover, was rated ‘good’ in all areas by the official body at a recent inspection.

The nursery achieved the same status at its last inspection in 2012.

Saefguarding is effective according to the report’s effectiveness of the leadership and management area.

The inspector found the nursery carried out comprehensive risk assessments and sent parents monthly newsletters informing them of the centre’s activities and shared ideas to help extend their child’s development at home.

In quality of teaching, learning and assessment, the report stated: “Children enthusiastically investigate and participate in an interesting variety of activities.

“Generally staff encourage children, including those who are learning English as a second language, to develop good communication and language skills.”

It said staff at the nursery skilfully extended the youngsters’ play, adding: “Staff compliment children warmly on their achievements and efforts, helping to increase their self-esteem.”

For personal development, behaviour and welfare, the inspector said staff are “positive role models for children.”

They found children developed an understanding in safety, including knowing how to handle scissors and knives with care.

The report added staff “respond calmly, politely and patiently to children, colleagues and visitors.”

Outcomes for children was rated good and the report deemed children to be well prepared for their next stage in learning.

The report said: “They are confident, sociable and inquisitive. “Children develop good levels of independence. For example, they pour their own drinks at mealtimes and make choices about what they want them to do.”

It said youngsters had many opportunities to play and learn outdoors.

The only reasons the nursery was not yet outstanding was because of the use of dummies and staff do not provide the best level of support in regards to following healthy practices.

The nursery confirmed the use of dummies are for parents who request them for soothing purposes.

Catherine Clifton, manager, said: “Yellow Dot is thrilled this report recognises the hard work and excellent care and education that our team provides for our children.

"A big thank you to the team and our families.”